Watch Those Logs (This is Not Frogger!)

So, I broke my ankle this weekend. Well, I didn’t really break it, but part of the bone is chipped so technically they called it a break at the hospital.  So I’m in a splint, hobbling around the office on crutches, trying to keep weight off my foot. Honestly, I don’t think it was totally necessary to splint it but they said it is not weight-bearing at all, and it won’t heal right if I walk on it, so I figure I won’t take any chances.

Being inside with my foot elevated most of the weekend gave me a chance to work on some Flash stuff I had been meaning to look into for a while now. I worked on a little bit of animation for a website I frequent, nothing serious, just a little bit of fun. I am also getting a rig ready for my friend’s 3D Iron Giant model that he’s been working on; once it’s done, it will be my job to sit down and animate it. I haven’t touched Max in a while — I’ve been working mainly in Lightwave 3D here at DDA for the past year and a half — so I’m curious to see how my rigging and animation skills hold up. They say it’s like riding a bike, although you don’t have to remember 100-plus keybindings on your ten speed!

Anyway, I should have plenty of indoor time in the coming weekend or so to work on this stuff because of my leg. Take my advice — the next time you’re in the woods and decide to jump off a log, keep an eye on the degree of the incline you’re landing on!