We Can Take The Heat

Every one’s talking about the heat lately. And why not? It is the thing that, at the moment, impacts us most. Especially for those of us who don’t have air conditioning at home, (the only window in my studio apartment has bars on it,) when it gets this hot, it affects our lives in a big way. Having been a beach bum when I was growing up, I can deal with the heat. This is especially true on weekends when I can get down to my dad’s house and go for a dip in the ocean. But even still, inner city life is transformed when the thermometer reads 102 F.

All we can do in the city is find alternatives. I use two  fans – one in my window blowing hot air around (for me) and one smaller fan for my computer. That’s right – when it’s this hot my processor easily hits 100 C in a few minutes. When I’m rendering 3D animations, coding in Flash, or even uploading work to a server, it gets even hotter.

These last couple days I have tried to get out of the house. I spent some time at my girlfriend’s parents house swimming – I’m glad they have a pool! I also saw a movie over the weekend – The Strangers….terrible movie, absolutely abysmal and I recommend no one see it, but at least it was air conditioned.

So the best we non-AC’ers can do is get out, maybe swim a bit, and keep a cool head. When we return to work each day we can bask in the comfortable atmosphere and the daily queue of work to do, and the heatwave should seem to fly by in no time!