What To Do!

Some days, so much happens that when I sit down to write a blog, it all swirls in my head and I can’t pinpoint any one thing that’s interesting to write about.

I guess I can start with the fact that I’m building another computer, this time for my dad. I hadn’t worked on it at all when he was away but now that he’s back home I can finish it up. It’s been pretty much done for a couple months; I just need to grab a SATA hard drive and install an operating system. I made sure it meets the specs to run Flash and 3D programs well, so I can work on my personal 3D animation, game mods and maps, and ActionScript coding when I go to visit. Plus, I wanted to make sure I can install World of Warcraft! It has a pretty nice onboard graphics chipset, with the option of a PCIe card in the future. The onboard should be sufficient though.

I was also trying to figure out whether or not to go back down to the shore tonight after work, but I think I’m going to. I might even get some night surfing in, though the water’s freezing and I doubt I still fit into my wetsuit. Even after a shortened week of 3D modeling, texture mapping, animation, flash coding, video editing, and rigorous blog writing, it will still be nice to go to the beach and unwind, listening to the waves the way I did as a kid. That way, I’ll be ready for DDA on Monday refreshed and ready to code/model/whatever!