WWII in HD – So Acronymical!

So I made up a word to use in my title; do you like it? It describes the overwhelming use of acronyms we tend to use in both the military and corporate business! Anyway, on to the post!

Last night the History Channel aired the second part of its series, “WWII In HD.” Its kind of a bad name for a series, I think, but it gets the point across, and describes what the series itself brings to the table. It is a WWII documentary built on a compilation of very rare color footage from the war, which has been digitally restored and remastered to be viewed on an HDTV using some sort of complicated projection camera.

It was a fascinating documentary, but the real thrill for me was seeing all of that footage in color. When stylistically appropriate, black and white can bring a lot to the table – but for documentaries and real-life footage, seeing it in color can give a much better picture than gradations of gray. Not only can you now bear witness to what colors and fashions soldiers really wore in the mid-40′s, ( :P ) it actually really gives one a feeling of connection to the people, places, and horrors of war that the folks who were there were seeing every day.

At DDA, we always shoot our digital video in high-quality HD, and scale down for our web work. That way, if a client needs the same video used on a Blu-ray disc, HD television commercial, or downloadable HD web training tool, we can provide the highest quality video possible. And while our clients may not require color to show the horrors of war in stunning HD color, it certainly does help that we can create pixel perfect, accurate representations of medical practices and anatomy for training and medical reference videos. Check out DDA Medical if you want to learn more!