Sneaky Advertising

Today I signed up to attend an exclusive online webinar on the usage of the h.264 codec when exporting and compressing video. It looked promising, considering topics to be covered included delivering h.264 files using the most popular compressing apps, ways to speed up render times, and keys to creating high quality video for low and high bandwidth web connections. Now that flash isn’t compatible on popular mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone, new video encoding and web scripting methods need to step up as the new “standard” in online media (if there ever was one). This sounded like it could be a beneficial thing to watch!

The webinar started off with lots of valuable information about how the codec works, its various different uses, and the magnitude of customizable settings to fine detail your video. So far so good. The only downfall that was repeatably emphasized was the painfully long render times, which I could vouch for from my own experience. Though after a much anticipated build up to their almighty solution, I’m disappointed to say I was pretty let down.

Their solution turned out to be something along the lines of “buy our new hardware product that comes out tomorrow!” I can’t say I didn’t see it coming but that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel a little cheated. I was expecting some kind of list of tips to achieve great compression or at least some basic workarounds to avoid potential problems or issues. I do have a few pages of technical notes on how the codec works so I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. Some of that can certainly be applied to us here in the DDA Video studio!

Aside from that, the webinar was well presented with a fully functional live PowerPoint interface. Nothing that DDA couldn’t do, of course. In fact, several of the previous live webcasts we’ve produced not only involved a crystal clear live video feed but also an interactive chat, bridging the gap between online visual and audible communication. With our competitive pricing, I bet you couldn’t find a better deal on any of our top notch services. Trust me, there’s nothing sneaky about it… give us a call today!