Stay In-Sync With DDA Video

As always, there’s been a lot going on in the DDA video department. Yesterday we had two video production shoots-the first for one of our product showcase websites and the other for one of our medical web interfaces.

First, we shot three different colored car lights, all with 8 different flicker settings. We shot each one with multiple angles including a side view and a controller view. On top of that, we needed to simulate what each light looked like in the day and at night. This was done by shooting with proper lighting on the first take and then simply turning off the lights for the second. Needless to say, what originally seemed like a straightforward shoot turned into a complex mass of footage ready to be synced! I’ll be tackling this task today.

The next shoot, once again, required the use of Andrew’s stunt devil “doctor” hands. This time the client provided us with various types of needles and syringes to incorporate into the mix. With the help of the green screen, stellar hand movement and cleaver camera placement, we were able to recreate the medical procedure to integrate into the web interface.

It’s great having our own in-house studio. I mean, c’mon, why wait for the slow turn around of another production company when you can get everything you need in one place? From print to motion media, DDA has it all. Check out our website for a complete list of all advertising and marketing services we offer!