Straight ‘A’s for Educational Videos

Any age, any area, accessible, and appealing, all describe educational videos. No one is too young or too old to appreciate and learn from an educational video. Programming like Sesame Street caters to toddlers, while some of the top corporate companies and seasoned CEOs use video tutorials to educate their staff on various subjects. Whether in the elementary classroom, medical office, or corporate boardroom, educational videos focus on imparting new wisdom into impressionable minds in the most efficient way possible.

There are certain aspects of an educational video that may affect its effectiveness. The best educational videos are typically the ones that use a variety of mediums to get the point across. For example, combining images, text, and narration in a video will reach both auditory and visual learners. When you add additional mediums, like animation and interactivity, retention rates are more likely to rise. Educational video games can come in the form of computer games or videos that include a question and answer feature or role play opportunity.

Upload your educational videos online to sites like YouTube and your classroom immediately goes global. Online educational videos can teach children, students, and colleagues around the world about a new subject. If the subject is too broad or complicated to cover in one video, create a series of educational videos and make them available online for continuing education programs. Online tutorials of everyday functions, like setting up email, baking a cake, or tying a tie, can be easily found through web searches. These processes are made simple with a thorough step-by-step video on how to do something properly. When you make educational videos accessible online, they may also be accessed through mobile devices, taking the classroom even further since it can now be with you on-the-go.

Educational Video Production Services

Producing an educational video may not seem like a daunting task, but if you want something interactive, professional, and truly attention-grabbing, professional production services may be the best option. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has produced a wide variety of educational videos for the medical, commercial, and industrial industries, educating viewers on everything from window installation to ADHD management and treatment options. With a staff of degreed writers, designers, and videographers and a gallery of professional actors to act as narrators, video hosts, or role-players, DDA can deliver a custom educational video in a class all its own. If you’re ready to teach, DDA is ready to tape. Contact DDA to learn more.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart