Surge of Storm Coverage Videos

courtesy of The Telegraph

When a major storm was approaching and battering coastlines and cities up and down the east coast, citizens needed reliable news coverage to prepare themselves for what was in store. However, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with news outlets that people usually rely on. With no power or access to offices, newspapers can’t get printed and television and radio broadcasting is difficult. Some news reporters risk their lives in the most dangerous weather conditions, but the hardest hit areas can’t be accessed when roads, bridges, and tunnels are closed.

Social media has become so popular, that many turn to Facebook and Twitter to both read and broadcast the news. Over the weekend, these new media outlets were bombarded with user-generated images and videos of the storm as it was happening and the aftermath it caused. Anyone with a cell-phone and internet access could upload their news stories and share it with the world. Of course, some added their own creativity to the postings, like a shark swimming through the streets, but viewers in these areas were able to label these postings as a hoax.

Important information, such as school closings, road closings, and other township information was quickly exchanged online, and many people were alerted to much needed messages via social media when other forms of communication were unavailable. Even the possible postponement of Halloween Trick or Treating was posted online so that children and families could enjoy this annual activity safely.

Successfully Send Messages through Video

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