The Day Before Thanksgiving

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and I can already smell the turkey. But before celebrating with an overwhelmingly amount of delicious home cooked food with the family, there is much to do in the office! It seems like most of the projects I’m currently working on all have some sort of deadline today.

Our corporate web integration video project is close to being finished. It’s exciting to see all of the elements start to come together to create the finished product. The majority of my day will be spent rendering out the the three scripts I’ve been editing and compositing. Since there are many high resolution images, HD video, camera movement, and animations integrated into these videos, I’m allowing extra time to ensure everything gets finished by the end of the day.

While rendering out those compositions, I’ll be continuing work on a medical video for one of our dental clients. This video is to show other doctors the precedure of a new teeth implant operation. While some of this footage could be a little gruesome, I do find myself being a bit intrigued by it. The part I’m most amused about, however, is watching the reactions of co-workers passing by!

The ring spin processing project also remains right on target. We originally estimated that 75 of the ring spins would be integrated into our client’s website before Thanksgiving weekend. By the end of today, we should have close to 100 completed, uploaded and ready to go.

There is much to do on this day before Thanksgiving so rather than just talk about everything I have to do today… I’m going to go do it! Mmmm, the turkey smells so good…