The Difference Is In The Details

Today’s a quiet day in the video department. Not because there isn’t anything to do (because like always, there’s always plenty!) but with Rob out and Laurence and Tyler away on a video production shoot, the constant sound of keyboard typing and mouse clicking has been silenced for the time being.

As for me, I’m coming close to the completion of the final couple online eLearning videos for one of our revenue cycle management clients. The final editing stages can be quite tedious since every visual needs to be in sync with the audio voiceover, each animation (whether it be text, highlighting objects, or screen capture footage) needs to be precise and consistent within each video and within the entire video series, and everything needs to be technically sound with accurate content. Come to think of it, putting in the .5 second mouse click sound effect is probably the most tedious part about it. Searching for every mouse click in 19 videos can certainly take a toll after a while! It’s one of those small details that enhances the user’s learning experience.

DDA and DDA Medical take great pride in the details without burning a hole through your wallet. Everything we do is custom tailored to you and your company’s needs. Believe it or not, many marketing and advertising companies churn out stock websites and DVDs based off of overused templates that can make your company blend in with the rest of the competition. Not only do we at DDA and DDA Medical provide an abundance of custom web design, search engine optimization, digital video production, 2D and 3D animation, and graphic design services, but we offer them at a highly competitive prices. Check out DDA and DDA Medical and see the difference!