The Magic of Photo and Video Editing

For those in the film and video production field, you may have heard the phrase “we’ll fix it in post” fairly often. For those not in the field, this phrase refers to the image editing magic that can happen in post-production. Oftentimes, lighting and sound quality may not be ideal while filming either on-location or on set. To make up for it, editors for film, video, and photography use advanced technology to enhance the quality once filming is complete. Editing can also include adding animation, voice over narration, text, graphics, or music to a final piece.

Post-production is a very important step in completing a film or video project. Once all audio and video has been filmed, it’s an editor’s job to compile all the footage and files and expertly fit the pieces together, like a live and intricate puzzle. Depending on the type of project being produced, the editing process may differ, but what’s true for all development is the goal of successfully telling a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end (even if the footage wasn’t filmed in that order).

Whether editing photos to add dramatic colors and text or editing a video with special effects, editors use certain computer software to get the job done. This technology can give a photo a vintage feel, animate an illustrated character, turn a green screen into any background imaginable, and much more.

In order to present the information in a unique way, one may want to edit a video and format it to be integrated into a website or other interactive presentation. The video itself can be programmed with interactive features during editing, such as syncing the visuals to corresponding text in a split screen, or adding multiple choice answers to a spoken question.

Professional Editing for Video and Photography

Editing can be an involved and sometimes complicated process, especially if special effects are required. For a polished and professional look to your project, seek experienced editors to help get the job done right. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) offers a wide range of photography and video production services, including video editing and photo manipulation. The video production staff has the advanced technology available in house to edit corporate, medical, training videos and more. Once a video is edited, DDA can also format for DVD or web, depending on the need. If you have a project that needs a touch of editing magic, contact DDA today.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart