The Next Big Thing

Last night I found myself aimlessly flipping through TV channels looking for something interesting to watch. I’m not much of a basketball fan but after catching a quick glimpse of one of the live instant replays, I was immediately engaged in the broadcast. It was called 360 Degree Playback and it’s now the biggest thing in live sports production.

An intricate system of high quality cameras are mounted above the basketball net on a circular aluminum rig and are set to automatically detect where the action is, giving a unique 3D view around the subject. Within seconds, the system outputs live video replays over a standard NTSC signal. Imagine an instant replay of a colossal slam dunk, Matrix-style! I was amazed at how cool this looked, especially since it was shot in realtime and no big-time “hollywood” post production effects were involved.

Here at DDA Video, we also have some state-of-the-art equipment that keeps us on the cutting edge of video technology. We have full HD recording capabilities that can be burned directly to BluRay DVD for maximum video quality. Our in house production studio is outfitted with an exceptionally large green screen that allows us to composite subjects into any environment. A high capacity hard drive connects to our video cameras to allow quick and easy file transfers to the edit systems, while still backing up the footage to tape. Stop by our website to see all of the great services we have to offer… maybe your next production will be the next big thing!