The Sound of Corporate Video

When producing a film or video, we typically focus on the lights, camera, and action, but we should not overlook the importance of sound. Of course, the on-screen actions and visuals can tell the story without music or narration, but when it comes to a corporate video used in training or marketing, it could greatly benefit from auditory enhancements.

Your business can come alive with the sound of corporate video. Whether from a corporate spokesperson, informative voice over, or customer testimonials, what is said about your company can greatly impact how others perceive it; therefore, the message should come across loud and clear.

Can You Hear Me Now?

A corporate video production without a person in charge of sound may result in a video that no one can hear which frustrates and confuses the viewer, making the video ineffective and your company appear less reliable. Even if you have amazing visuals, if the sound is below expectations, the entire video suffers. There are certain steps you can take before, during, and after a corporate video shoot to ensure optimal sound.

Before a shoot:

  • Put a professional in charge. Someone who can decipher what the audio levels on a camera mean, and how to monitor and adjust the levels.
  • Be prepared with the right equipment. Depending on specifics of your production, you may need a sound mixer, boom/clip/wireless mic, headphones, batteries, etc.
  • Evaluate the shoot location for any potential interruptions. Is there a lot of traffic/people/animals in the area?

During a shoot:

Record a “wild track” or “room tone” to capture the natural sound in the area where you’re filming. This can be used in editing to fill in silence or help cover problem areas.

After a shoot:

Record voice over narration. Whether you need to dub in a voice to correct problems from shooting, or you need to record narration over the footage that was filmed, this should all be done separately from the on-set filming, and preferably in a sound-proof booth to block out background noise.

When looking for the right professional corporate video production company to produce your video, preview their past work and listen to the video’s sound quality. This will be an indication of the type of quality you can expect. DDA Video has been producing corporate videos for a wide variety of clients for years, and with a state-of-the-art video and digital sound recording studio in-house, you can be sure the quality of work will exceed expectations. Contact DDA Video today and discover how we can help your corporate video resonate with viewers (215-355-6442/