The State of Web Video Marketing

I was reading an article in the February 2010 issue of DV Magazine titled “The State of Web Video Marketing.” It basically talked about how more and more clients nowadays want their video material available online- embedded on their website, posted on blogs and social media sites, and uploaded to viral video sites such as Brightcove and YouTube. Here’s one particular paragraph that caught my eye:

“Over the next year, we can expect to see more interactivity built into the video stream.  Clickable hot spots, synchronized web page events, sidebar video segments are all coming, which will extend the experience of web video viewing beyond the 16:9 frame and onto the web page that surrounds it.”

I almost let out a slight chuckle when I read it. It sounds like the rest of the media marketing community is just starting to come around. I only say this because DDA Video and DDA Medical have been doing this for years! Who’s the trend setter now?

If you ask me, I’m actually surprised every website doesn’t have some sort of interesting use of web video or flash animation. With all of the compositing equipment and advanced compression utilities available, why not?

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