The Voice of your Video

A video with voice is able to express an idea in ways pictures and music alone cannot. A tone of voice can influence audiences, an accent can connect viewers, and voice quality can spark emotion. When combined with visuals and background music, a video with voice over narration becomes even stronger in conveying a message to the viewing audience.

In order for the message to be effective, the voice needs to match the video. A professional medical service sales video may not be taken seriously if a cartoon voice is narrating. An informative trade show video may gain more attention from an upbeat voice than a slow, methodic narration. When casting the right voice for your video production, keep the following in mind:

  • Script: Will your video be filled with medical terminology, foreign translations, legal jargon, testimonials, or dialogue? Make sure whoever will be narrating your video is comfortable with the words on the page so they can provide a clear recording that your viewer will understand. If dialogue is needed, both voices need to be clear and there should be an element of chemistry between the two speakers. If you’re recording non-scripted testimonials, make sure they flow in a non-scripted way while still conveying the message you want.
  • Style: Will your video be better served by a more conversational style or are you targeting a professional audience that needs clear instruction? Whether your video is speaking to customers, students, or the general public, the voice needs to be able to connect with that audience in a certain stylized way.
  • Tone: Depending on the characters in the video, the tone of voice will vary. Does your speaker need to be authoritative or comedic? The quality of the voice will then need to change from high to low, light to serious, soft to harsh, etc.
  • Accent: Are you targeting a specific region in your video? Using a voice over artist with the same local dialect can help viewers relate. Will a cartoon voice help get your point across? Is your video geared more towards women or men? The voice of your video should match. Even computerized voices come in various accents and languages to fit specific needs.

Finding the Voice

Once you have a script and an idea of the kind of style, tone, and accent to use in your video, it’s time to start looking for talent. Sometimes the best person for the job is you. You know what you want to say and with advances in technology, recording and editing your voice to video is easier than ever. For a more professional edge, you should look into casting an experienced voice over artist. The cost will depend on the length of time needed to record the script as well as the amount of experience the talent has. Voice over talent is available through a variety of online databases and personal websites that contain voice demos.

Voice Over Recording

When recording a voice over, the best place to start is in a sound-proof booth. This way you won’t need to worry about background noise impacting the recording and you’re more likely to achieve a more pristine sound. If there’s no access to a booth, a good microphone and set of headphones will make the recording process easier. Using the right equipment will achieve a higher sound quality.

Editing with Sound

Sound is one aspect of video production that many people overlook. If you ensure all audio levels are where you want them when recording a voice over, editing the sound should be a painless process. If you have to adjust the volume or eliminate static in post-production, it will make editing more complicated. Will your video include background music? Keep this in mind while editing so that your narration won’t have to compete with the viewer’s attention.

Professional Voice Over Talent for Video Production

Not only does Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) have an in-house recording studio, but there is a wide range of professional voice over talent available through the DDA Actors’ Network (Gallery 1 and Gallery 2). DDA Video can record and edit professional voice overs for commercials, instructional videos, website tutorials, and more. If you need the right voice for your video, have a listen to the talent available through DDA and contact us to learn more.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart