The Waiting Game

I must say, one of the things I dislike about video production is the wait- waiting for software to load, waiting for media to transfer, waiting for video to render… you get the picture. Although it’s all essential in the production process, it can make me feel pretty unproductive sometimes. Total creative buzz kill!

In this case, I’m currently waiting for a DVD to be compiled and burned. Don’t get me wrong, this compilation DVD is jam packed with 11 different instructional and promotional videos, most of which we at DDA Video shot on location and edited in our studio. With so much material crammed onto one disc, it’s no wonder why I’m sitting here waiting.

DDA Video has been creating a lot more than DVDs recently. We’ve been working on some exciting corporate and medical projects involving compositing video into realistic 3D environments, programming slick-looking online virtual medical simulations and comprehensive web-based eLearning platforms, editing promotion videos for surgical tools, and building fully functional interactive websites. On top of all of these great projects, we’ve all been contributing to our mobile-friendly project portfolio for DDA’s newest service Apple Savvy.

Needless to say, there’s a lot going on these days. As for now, I’ll be here playing the waiting game until this disc is done. Almost there!