Videos for Veterans

For those who have served and continue to serve in the military, keeping in contact with family and friends is one of the most important duties, right up there with protecting our country’s freedom.

In the past, postcards, letters, and care packages were some of the only ways to communicate with loved ones. While some may have been able to hear their voice through their written words and feel their love through the simple comforts of home being shipped to them, it was a small feeling of support until the next reunion. Now, technology makes it possible to see and hear each other live through services that allow free video chatting online and video messengers. It may not be the same as holding someone in your arms, but seeing their face and hearing their voice in real-time is more of an instant reassurance of their safety.

One of the more popular live web chat services is Skype. Not only can two Skype users call each other for free, but Skype’s online video streaming allows both users to see and hear each other if they have a web cam. This service is also available through mobile devices, making it possible for families and friends to connect through an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

There are many instant video messenger services now as well. Whether through Face Time on Apple devices, or sending video messages through email, soldiers can keep in contact faster and easier than ever before.

Video Tributes of Thanks

While the country has one day to honor military veterans, many keep their memories alive every day by immortalizing them through video. There are countless inspiring stories of heroic deeds and heartwarming reunions, and now many of these experiences are being recorded and shared. Hearing veterans speak about their experiences is more powerful when you can watch their emotions. Seeing families reunite with one another is more touching when you see their reactions. Creating a video tribute for a fallen solider is enhanced when images of their life are arranged with some of their own words all over their favorite song.

Video for Vets

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs have compiled a series of videos that provide vets with news and important information about the Department, including what rights and benefits they offer veterans. Having this information available in a video format makes it easier for all vets to easily understand what is available to them. Veterans can also watch a monthly series titled, “Still Serving” which highlights veterans who are still serving their country even after completing their active duty. The department even has its own YouTube channel for easy access to past videos and information.

Producing Veterans Videos

Are you looking to honor a vet in a unique way? Why not produce a video highlighting their life and service to our country. Compile images from home and abroad, emails or letters with their own stories and words of encouragement, and inspirational music or their favorite song and produce a piece that will not only honor their memory, but keep it alive for generations to come.

Why not have the video professionally produced to give the piece the attention it deserves. Dynamic Digital Advertising provides video production services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to create vibrant videos. With full-service video capabilities all in-house, DDA can tailor these videos to fit any need. DDA Video also offers a wide range of post-production video services, such as DVD production and case design if these videos will be distributed to various veteran groups or family members. Video webcasting is also available to keep family, friends, and other vets connected with one another during events or other gatherings. Contact DDA Video to learn more about video production services.

When it comes to honoring those who risk their lives to keep our country safe, no tribute is too great or small. Honor the ones you love by sharing their story and keep their memories alive for future generations to honor them as well.


photo courtesy Microsoft Office Clip Art