Videos From the Edge

Records were shattered this past weekend when 43-year-old, Felix Baumgartner, completed a 24-mile skydive from the edge of space. Not only did Felix break the speed of sound as he plummeted toward earth at speeds topping 700 mph[i], but more than eight million YouTube viewers witnessed this feat, making for the largest live stream audience to date. To gain a little perspective, earlier in the year only about a half million YouTubers viewed the London 2012 Olympics[ii].

There were about 30 cameras recording this entire experience, and many of the angles were captured and shared via YouTube live video streaming and a video stream on the sponsor’s dedicated website, Cameras were mounted on Baumgartner’s pressurized suit as well as to the capsule that carried him 128,100 feet above the earth[iii]. From the two and a half hour ascent via plastic helium balloon, cameras showed what was happening inside and outside of the capsule. Multiple angles of the jump and nine-minute descent, including Felix’s period of uncontrollable spinning and safe return to solid ground in New Mexico, were all filmed and shared online.

Benefits of Breaking Records

While this jump was not carried out purely for breaking records, it was considered research for designing future spacesuits, I’m sure there are some who are now wondering how they can capitalize on all the world record results, including gaining such a large viewing audience. YouTube is one online video streaming site that offers a wide variety of interesting and informational videos for free. Of course, this may be one factor that leads to a larger audience, but free video streaming doesn’t mean companies can’t benefit from an opportunity to reach millions of viewers. In fact, many videos being streamed on YouTube now have ads in front of them that require users to watch before their desired video, though some give the option of skipping the ad.

This is like the Super Bowl of online video streaming. Imagine having an ad for your company appear before a video millions of people will be watching. Since these ads tend to be shorter than your average commercial, at about fifteen seconds, think of how important it is to quickly grab attention and get your point across.

At DDA Video, both our technical and creative staff has experience producing a range of attention-grabbing videos, from promotional commercial pieces to online training tools, and we utilize live video streaming in the production process as well as per client request. Whether you’re looking to create a commercial to be used online or want to learn more about video stream opportunities, contact DDA Video today.