3D As It Should Be

The Christmas Eve holiday tradition for my siblings and I is to go to the movies and see a movie. It started during the Lord of the Rings years and has continued on since then, so it isn’t the longest tradition ever, but everyone likes it. My mom especially likes getting us out of the house for a few hours so she can finish up any remaining Christmas tasks without worry. This year we saw Avatar in 3D. I was not very excited at all to see this when the trailers first came out, but the talk of James Cameron’s revolutionary 3D got my interest. I also watched a 60 Minutes piece on him, which also grabbed my attention. I can say that after watching Avatar in 3D that it really was a revolution in 3D usage in movies. I was immersed in the whole environment in every way. A peak off a cliff could give you vertigo and a view of an audience showed depth. Things were blurred in the backgrounds while the point of focus was crystal clear like your real vision works. That is a part of what made it work so well. It was not the gimmicky 3D of old with the purposeful and highly unnecessary shots of things flying at you. It avoided that and yet was still more 3D than anything else has ever been. It is what all 3D movies should be. It was a visual feast, and I am full.

DDA does 3D animation as well, but while we may not have made anything you can see with 3D glasses yet, we still make realistic models and animations. Our animation combined with some video editing and we created Insideout Man, which you can view here. Though completely fake, it is a realistic look to the creation. We are also currently working on some swallowing animations, which use a cross section of the head. These are highly detailed and technical animations that look very real. If you don’t want realism we can cartoon it up a bit for you as well. We also do 2D animations like animated dogs in a pet insurance commercial to a talking superhero medication patch, we can do whatever you need.