48-Hour Film Project

This weekend some friends participated in the 48-hour film project where your group picks a random genre out of a hat and are given a set of criteria that need to be included. Then it’s go time. The groups all have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a movie that I think can have a maximum length of 9 minutes. There will be 40 to 50 teams taking part in the Philadelphia branch of the competition, which has sectors all across the nation. My friends genre ended up being adventure serial, so it started with a recap and ended on a cliffhanger. They had quite a bit of resources to work with so it felt like a real movie set. They had Upper Darby’s video equipment and props along with free use of the entire building for shooting. One guy somehow works for Oprah also and was able to bring some real Harpo equipment, or at least that was the rumor. Either way, I had never seen anything like it. The cameras used were amazing and just screamed expensive. The camera footage was recorded onto a memory card in the camera and kept being swapped out with an alternate card while the footage was transferred to the computer where editing was taking place. Thanks to the short time frame, they were forced to have someone editing while others were shooting in order to meet the deadline.

They did finish on time and with success. The short movie is funny and very well made. The groups will all get to watch their films on the big screen in a theater this Thursday where they will also be judged. On Friday, there will be recognitions announced and the film voted “Best of Show” will get an award. It was $130 for them to enter, for which they get a screening and a copy of all the films on a DVD. It seemed like a fun overall experience and I’d consider doing it myself one day, but it seems like it would be hard to compete with a group that has the entire school of Upper Darby and Oprah at their backs.

DDA has its own video studio in house. It has a green screen, HD cameras, dollies, a teleprompter, lighting, and all types of microphones. Our videography department is ready to shoot your corporate video. Thanks to our staff’s video editing, animation, and graphic design skills we can make your video do anything you want and take place place anywhere you want. We can even have live people interact with animated creatures. The sky is the limit at DDA, so give us a call today.