A Chill in the Air

This morning’s cold chill was a slap in the face when I walked out the door, but I opted to remain coatless for my trip to work. I marched on toward my car while fallen leaves crunched under my footsteps and then opened the door. Inside the car I saw that a morning moisture had covered my windows. That hasn’t happened in a while now and luckily it wasn’t frosted over so a quick windshield wiping cleared it all away. Obviously the seasonal shift is in full swing. I sat in my car and started my journey and kept noting that I was cold. Not freezing, but cold enough to be uncomfortable and a little shivery. So for the first time in a while I actually turned on the car heat again. Boy did that heat feel nice. I didn’t have to run it the whole way, but enough to keep things comfortable. Then it crossed my mind. It was the realization that I might need to start wearing a coat again. Oh boy, that’s a little bit of a sad thought. The bulky winter coat wearing is the nail in the coffin and makes me officially declare for myself that Fall is here and Winter is on the way.

At DDA the arrival of Fall is seen as a good thing. We don’t factor in the weather since we work indoors, but we do factor in the amount of projects we get. Fall has been declared to be the busy season. Fall is the time when everyone is done their vacations and may start or resume projects.  Fall is also the time when businesses are gearing up their advertising campaigns or websites for the fast approaching holiday season so that they can have their own successful busy season. Those products aren’t going to sell themselves if nobody knows about them. That’s why advertising is so crucial. It can give you brand recognition and let consumers know that your product exists. That way they can either shop specifically for it or choose it over another brand due to their familiarity with it.

DDA offers all the services you need. We do digital photography, Internet video, 3D animation, graphic design, copywriting, advanced programming, and more. So no matter what type of advertising campaign or sales tactic you want to employ, DDA can help you set it up to generate the sales you need. Give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.