A New Award

Yesterday, I was given a new task to change the main flash banner on the zeroonezero.com homepage. I was a little confused as to why at first, until I was told what was going to be changed. We won an award! So the change to the flash banner is going to be the addition of the gold seal that we received to help us show off our new accolade.

The award itself is for being one of “The Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms of the United States.” Top ten in the entire United States is an amazing honor and I think it is a really amazing achievement for our company and is also a real testament to the work we do here. Being dependable is a great quality to have in a company and should be especially important to a client knowing that they will be able to count on us.

As far as displaying this award, we are not entirely sure which way to display it. We are looking at simulating a three dimensional gold seal with 2D Flash animation, but we may end up modeling and rendering out a real 3D animation with lightwave.

Now that I’ve soaked in the fact that we’ve been acknowledged with this prestigious and selective award, it’s time to get back to work and stay dependable.