A Wet Day

I was awoken yesterday morning by one of our cats furiously licking me with his sand papery tongue. I didn’t know why he kept doing it,  but it was annoying because I still had a little time to sleep and cat tongues are painful. Anyway, I found out why he was licking me shortly after, when I stepped out of bed in the dark into a puddle. My first reaction in my morning daze was that the cat peed right there, but I quickly realized that this was no mere small puddle. I sloshed over and turned on the light to see that my entire room and the entire rest of the basement was flooded. I ran over to unplug my powerstrip before I was electrocuted and went to alert everyone else upstairs. At this point their was only maybe an inch or so of water. We got our pool cover pump and put that to work. But as time went on we just saw the water keep rising. Obviously our sump pumps were having problems, so my mom called the home warranty people and they said a plumber would be over in the next 3 hours. Not quick enough. My mom ran and got another pump from Home Depot and we turned the heat off so that wouldn’t break. Of course the original pool pump broke so we were back to one and we got out the buckets (trashcans technically). My mom and I kept bucketing away until the plumber came to try and prevent the water from rising any more. Luckily we were able to dump water right into the shower and it could drain from there. We kept the water level steady and the rain eventually stopped falling. We took a break once the plumber got there and the water was at a manageable level. The plumber informed us that the main sump pump had a giant crack in the pipe and that the backup sump pump was broken and wasn’t even hooked up correctly, so had it been working, it still would have been useless. This is the second faulty plumbing problem we’ve had in the new house that went undiscovered by the home inspector.

The plumber who worked on this house is the opposite of DDA. DDA workers are degreed professionals who are experts in their fields. We have copywriters, 3D animators, programmers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and people who do everything else media related. I’m beginning to think this plumber was self taught or didn’t do very well in his classes or was maybe just a DIY type of person trying it for the first time. In the real world, you get what you pay for. DDA offers tremendous value for its price that you will be able to see in the final product and in your experience working with us. If that plumber who worked on the house was a hired worker, I hope he didn’t get paid a lot because there was not much value in his work at all. When you go for the cheapest option in the beginning, a lot of the time it will cost you more in the long run.