Acclimating to Season Changes

Since we’ve been thrown into the fall season in a chilly and wet way, we’ve all been forced to acclimate to the new weather situation quickly. I was thrown for a loop as I was visiting someone this weekend since all I packed was shorts and t-shirts. That was a big mistake. I was wet and freezing a lot. That’s what I get for not checking the weather I guess. I carried an internal chill with me for days after. I, for one, have started wearing my winter coat again when outside and I am wearing my thermal shirt under my work shirt the rest of the time. Shorts and t-shirts alone are no longer an option and they will slowly sink to the bottom of my clothes piles. My dad said that he gave in and cracked on the house heat this past wet weekend, but I don’t expect that to happen all week. He is also no longer sitting on the outside porch when I get home from work, but is instead waiting inside where it is warm. It was a quick change for seasons. Thursday and Friday look like they are going to give us another teaser taste of the warmer weather with some 70-degree days that we will be leaving behind shortly enough. Beyond that I don’t know yet, but it might be shaping up to be a nice weekend.

DDA is used to acclimating to new situations in a flash. With projects flying around and being passed back and forth, you need to keep refocusing your attention on whatever is suddenly thrust your way.  You might even need to switch mental gears on the fly and go from a designer to an animator or switch from programming in Actionscript 3 code to programming in Coldfusion. It’s a constant syntax correctness battle. Many languages all have similar functions, but each has their own way of writing it, so sometimes you’ll find yourself mixing and matching the wrong syntax. There are plenty of services available here and there’s not a person for every one. That means everybody has to do a little acclimating on the fly now and then. Whether you are a graphic designer, animator, programmer, videographer, copywriter, or photographer, you had better stay on your toes around here.

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