Ace on the Case

Yesterday, I was able to install the new CS5 upgrade package, but it’s been a troublemaker so far. First off, the installation didn’t go very smoothly. Since it was an upgrade, it needed to find the previous version before it would let me install the new one or of course the new complete more expensive package would need to be purchased. It makes sense to have this feature for upgrade software, but their search method for finding the previously existing software wasn’t working on my computer so it wasn’t finding my old CS3 version. It let me manually enter the CS3 version’s serial number, but it wasn’t accepting that as a valid upgradable option. So I was left with using their software way of checking for installation errors. I ran that software quick and it didn’t reveal any errors, so my final option was customer service. I contacted them and went through their whole process for verification and such and gave them the same serial numbers I had been using when trying to install myself. He said we had to install it manually and gave me a secret keyboard trick and a secret code to enter. Once I entered that code in the secret screen, it worked just fine. The service was great, but shouldn’t have been necessary.

Now today, when I came in the computer wasn’t working and said the system file was missing or corrupt. Since this was the first boot since that new software was installed, it was the obvious culprit to point the finger at.  I hadn’t even got to use any of the CS5 programs yet because I was dealing strictly with coldfusion programming yesterday. The only hint of their cool new awesomeness that I got to experience was seeing the new icons on my desktop. Tyler is working away trying to fix it and I am now at an old computer in someone else’s old office. They just retrieved an old restore CD so I don’t think things are going too well yet. I know the initial chkdsk scan didn’t fix it. So as I try working on this computer without my usual setup, I have to make due. Using gmail instead of outlook, no Flash, downloading the needed sites on Dreamweaver, figuring out what all my usual passwords are that were saved on the other computer.

In the mean time, I will be working on the same custom programming project as before. It actually worked out well timed in that aspect. If I was super heavy in flash animation or flash programming work at the current moment I wouldn’t be able to use this computer to do it since it isn’t equipped with Flash. So no worries, the IT ace is on the case!

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