Ad Favorites

Television advertising is something everyone sees all too often when watching a favorite show. Advertising agencies know that there are plenty of other commercials out there that they are competing with for consumer attention, so they try to stand out in one way or another. Many things are taken into consideration that no one realizes behind the scenes when planning commercials. A big one is the audience. How old are they? what time of day and what channel would they be watching? What kind of commercial do they want to see? Once these factors are decided, the real planning can begin.

I’m going to list a few memorable commercials that just maybe were aimed at an audience of white suburban males in their early 20s who enjoy unusual and amusing things (that’s me). One that seems to have stuck with me for the longest time with clarity is of course the Burger King Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch musical commercial. It had celebrities (one being Darius Rucker in a flash to his future country singing career), a really catchy and descriptive song, and giant food. All of that left me salivating and had me rushing to my nearest Burger King many times, until the one sad day when they told me they didn’t have it anymore. Sigh.

Another newer commercial is more of a campaign for Sprite. They released numerous commercials that they were labeling as “sub-lymon-al advertising.” Lymon being the key word there as a combination of lemon and lime, the key flavors of Sprite. These commercials had outright subliminal messages, which is a strange concept in itself. They packed these commercials with the strangest visuals that always grabbed my attention and oddly enough made me thirsty. I also wanted to try this new-sounding fruit called Lymon even though I knew it didn’t exist. I guess the commercial was working.

Another new advertising campaign that I thought was impressive is a set of 5 gum commercials. These ones are not as strange as the Sprite ones but boy do they paint a visual of an amazing taste in unique ways. Imagine laying in a giant screen-like dome while cannons blasted fruits all over the cage. These fruits then erupt upon impact into gentle mists of juice, which all softly cover your body and of course some get in your mouth for a nice taste. I don’t chew gum much so I can’t say I have bought this, but if I was to buy gum I would get 5 gum.

So next time you are watching television and the commercials come on, don’t immediately go channel-surfing.  Try watching some of the commercials sometimes because you will see some very entertaining, interesting, and innovative advertising.