Advance and Evolve

I watched a movie recently about the man who invented the intermittent windshield wiper and how Ford tried to steal it from him. In the end, he eventually won a case against Ford acting as his own lawyer by being able to prove that the wipers in the new Fords were in fact using the design that he had presented to them earlier. He won a ridiculous amount of money and it was way more than the eventual one million dollar offer that Ford gave to him to not pursue a case. It was a sickening look at the underhanded tactics of big businesses, but also a grand look at the power of one man and his perseverance for justice even after he was abandoned by the ones he loved over the issue. It also provided some insight into the technology and design that is all wedged into the cars we drive today.

The design of current day automobiles is truly an amazing thing. The engine, anti-lock brakes, windshield wipers, heating and cooling, defrost, radio, lights, GPS, wiper fluid, cruise control, power steering, air bags, speedometer, gauges, power windows, locks, remote keys, and so much more are all packed into a car because of years and years of innovation and design. Today it is all so commonplace that most people take it for granted, but when you think back to the first cars you can realize how amazing the current day automobile is.

The Internet may be quite a bit newer to the world than automobiles are, but it is following the same path of innovation and design to create some truly amazing things. Think back to the original websites and how simplistic and clunky they were to use as compared to today. Today we can even interact with websites from our tiny cellphones. Just take a look at the DDA sites from years past thanks to the Wayback Machine:

As you can see throughout the years the website has evolved as computer and Internet technology have evolved. Graphic designers obviously have either gotten better tools or just gotten more skilled in creating web graphics over the years. Flash animations were added at some point and were all the rage. On the web, animated gifs have mostly been phased out and substituted for flash animations nowadays. I only still really see them being used as avatars for people on forums. Programming technology has certainly grown by leaps and bounds too. Javascript, database languages, JQuery, and more have enabled programmers to do all sorts of fancy tricks that enhance usability. Video is now used more frequently as well since the increased speeds of connections allow it. Take a stroll through the latest website and you’ll find web video being used. Technology and innovation have certainly changed what can be done on a website and it is no doubt it’s for the better. We can only imagine what technologies will be created in the future that will improve websites once again. Cars as well are still evolving and I know there are new technologies like self-parallel parking that are slowly working their way into the works. If you’re like me, you can’t wait until the new electric cars come down in price and are an affordable option for you. There are just so many advances out there!

If you still have an out-of-date website, call DDA today so we can bring it up to speed with the latest technologies and advances.