Advanced or Obsolete

I read an article recently that was going over products that are still in fairly wide use that will be extinct soon. They will go the way of the walkman, the car phone, and the VCR along with many other products throughout the years. These products all go extinct because basically there comes along a product that outshines the existing one or some innovation makes the technology in the product obsolete. The walkman was replaced by CD’s and the discman. The VCR was replaced by DVD players and later Blu-ray players. Car phones were replaced by cellphones.

The new generation of obsolete products was said to soon include GPS units, MP3 players, regular cellphones, and physical copies of movies. The funny thing is that smartphones are what are killing 3 of those 4 items. Smart phones obviously are taking the place of the regular cellphone and within them contain the abilities to act as MP3 players and GPS units all in one. So 3 devices are now 1 and that certainly can save space in your pockets on a road trip. Physical movies are said to be soon replaced by digital copies of the movies and just streaming services online and on your TV. I use Netflix and it currently has this ability and we use it often on the TV and individual computers.

As technology advances it is inevitable that other products will become obsolete. So when DDA workers make websites, we never do exactly what we did the time before. Other than just being custom work, we add and modify our work to use the latest advanced technologies. Updated custom programming languages, new animation techniques, fancier new plug-ins, and other things get used as they become available. There is also software that seems to be updated every year or two that always encompasses new abilities and a faster workflow, letting us pack more punch in a faster time, which in turn will save you money. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.