Agony of Defeat

My fantasy football dreams of victory have come to an end. What went from a large lead for me ended with a loss in the last seconds of the Monday night game. I still had a nice lead as the Texans were driving down the field with 1 minute left. In that one minute, everything was flushed down the drain for me. Now most passes were going to my opponent’s player and he was chipping away at my lead. With mere seconds left and the team near the goal line, all that needed to happen was for my opponent’s receiver to not catch a touchdown pass. Then, that exact thing happened and my fantasy football season was over along with the 4th quarter. I’ll admit that I had already counted my chickens because it was a real long shot that he would be able to overcome my lead with one player left. It happened though and the receiver had one of those special games that you might get once a year out of a player and with it came a boat load of points. I’m still a little bitter and reeling from the loss. It’s still somewhat sinking in. I was visualizing my next match up and now I can only look forward to next year. Sigh.

I guess I’ll use my work here to distract my mind from what almost could have been. I’ll delve deep into the world of advanced programming, flash programming, and animation. I can easily get lost in the lines of code running logic problems in my head, planning out new additions, and furiously running through code to determine the cause of errors. With animation duties, I can get lost in the intricacies of making the inanimate come to life without looking like it is completely robotic, unless of course it is a robot that is being animated. So onward I go into the day distracting my mind. I should be good for the work week, but Sunday will probably bring back the bad memories.

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