I have been being bombarded all of the sudden with promotions left and right for the new movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. The director was interviewed on my radio station of choice, television advertising has picked up, Internet advertising is popping up, and I even saw a television sneak preview last night as well. The sneak preview was kind of lame with some questions being answered by the director and several short snippets that always seemed to end in cliffhangers. I would say that it was more of a tease and less of a preview.

The movie itself is based on a cartoon that I’ve never seen, but for some reason I feel like I would rather watch the cartoon version first. The movie is basically a condensed remake of the cartoon and I’m am mostly against remakes (hint hint Karate Kid). Anyway cartoons don’t always translate well to live-action recreations and it could ruin it for me before I know what it is. Cartoons don’t always have to be just for kids, so maybe I’d like it.

Anyway, in that sneak preview they talked about what element was hardest to make in CGI and the answer was water. 3D modeling of water wouldn’t be that bad but everything else would be. Texturing, lighting, adding reflection and transparency, and 3D animation for water would all be a difficult thing to achieve mixed in together with live action characters. We here are animating a liquid in 3D at the current moment and even though we don’t have to worry much about the texture and such since it is a solid colored fluid, it is still difficult to animate. Especially difficult is having it react and interact with numerous other surfaces.

DDA has never worked on a major motion picture’s 3D animation, but we’ve done our own mini-motion picture or we could at least call it a short. It’s called Insideout Man and is voiced by our very own boss. Insideout Man is a guy who is, well, inside out and has strange body powers, can transport through wires and computers, and is depressed and suicidal (I guess because he’s ugly). You heard it right and if you want to check out the video of this creation you can visit the website at