Almost Over

My speed in database programming and Flash programming has been pushed to the limits with the extremely quick deadline for this YouTube knock-off project. My immune system has been compromised from all the stress. I’m popping antacids left and right to quell the stomach pain. I can feel the pressure in my jaw and have to consciously unclench it to try and relax. I’m this close to wearing a mouth guard when I go to bed. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait for it to be done. At least it looks cool, so I have something to show for all this and I get some pay. We are meeting today to discuss what we have so far. Hopefully after this, the never-ending lists of “little changes” will stop flooding in.

Right now I am longing for a nice simple Flash animation, but those are few and quickly finished. I’m pretty sure a 3D animation is what’s coming next to help someone else with a hefty 3D project load. At least the deadline won’t be so extreme.