An Apple Leak

There is news floating about that the new Apple iPhone 4G has accidentally been leaked. It is being claimed that the prototype was left at a bar and was found, but others are speculating that it was stolen. The phone has been thoroughly explored and dissected with the results posted online. Now I personally don’t own any Apple products, but I know that all the Macheads love getting worked up into a frenzy about what Mr. Jobs is working on next or what the next update might bring, and foam at the mouth to hear and see it at his big reveal events.

With this in mind, I don’t know if everyone might secretly be upset that the surprise was spoiled. What will they do without all of the speculative chatter amongst each other? It’s not as fun when you have all the facts already. They’ll have to wait extra long before there is a new product to make predictions about. Apple has in the past been really good at hiding its product details and keeping full secrecy, so it’s very uncharacteristic for this to happen. It ruins the myths of the locked-tight, can’t-be-cracked Apple juggernaut. Frankly, it hurts their marketing as well because when it all comes down to it, the whole thing is a marketing scheme. By the lines of people that wait at stores during release time, I’d say it works well too.

Apple’s commercial advertising is fairly well known and often spoofed. It’s the old “I’m a Mac. I’m a PC” series that pens Apple as the young cool guy. Ipod commercials are always hip and blasting a cool song and showing people dancing with some cool video editing effects. They aim to make their competitors look obsolete, old-fashioned, and uncool. It certainly works for them and it has made a niche in society for people to be dedicated Apple followers.

Now Apple’s success isn’t solely based on advertising, though it is a large part of it. They have been the pioneers of some really innovative products. Even though mp3 players were around before the iPod, Apple’s advertising made it more known and cool to have one through use of advertising. Their design and navigation was also unique. I personally have resisted all of the Apple hullabaloo because I disagree with many of their business practices. I can’t argue though that what they do certainly is working for them and they have raked in the cash.