Animation Creation

With the DDA Carnival approaching launch time, we would need a way to guide people to it so they could enjoy the new addition. It was decided that we would replace the zeroonezero homepage flash piece about targeting your keywords (this has a cool game that goes with it) with a new one about the Carnival.

I was given the Carnival’s splash page graphics and set loose to make it come to life. I ended up making two versions, and each version ended up having its fans and critics. We eventually went with the suggestion of the lead Designer who suggested that we use the flash animation that didn’t have a lot of constant motion.

This was because the homepage currently has a flash animation at the top that has tons going on in itself with buttons popping up and ZOZ and a rocket interacting. Overall, it would would look too busy or distracting to have more, and I agree. Sometimes you can do too much. Design is a delicate balance between too plain and overkill.

So the animation we will be using has a bunch of elements and motion in the beginning and then once all of the elements are introduced, they stay static. Actually, not everything will be static. There will still be a scenic rolling of the clouds in the background that will loop forever.

Keep checking and you will see this new animation creation in the near future.