Animation Critiques

The critiquing process for animation is one full of opinions. I remember watching the bonus footage on “Finding Nemo” where they showed behind the scenes action of what happened during the whole process. I remember this one part where an animator had a fully rendered scene he made and they were screening it in front of the “decision making” staff. They tore it apart and said how it didn’t capture the moment or feelings it needed to. I felt bad for the guy since he worked hard on this scene and would now have to basically redo it. I’ll tell you too that 3D animation is no quick process.

I know now, as someone who animates things regularly here at DDA, that the critiquing process is part of animation and it’s part of what makes things great. That animator at Pixar was probably expecting to have to tweak or change something since nothing is ever perfect the first time. He probably knew before he walked into that screening that his piece being shown wouldn’t be the final product.

Everyone knows that Pixar creates animated masterpieces and is far ahead of its competitors, so it can’t hurt to follow their example and get every animation reviewed, which is just what we do at DDA. Just like that Pixar animator, I usually expect some changes to be requested when I send my animations to be reviewed.