Another Go

Yesterday I was told to make a widget for… again.  This is one of those internal projects that has already been planned and assigned and ended up falling to the wayside.  This widget project though has actually been assigned a couple different times to a couple different people and it has now reappeared for another try on my plate.  This one has some staying power I guess, so I hope I can get it done this time.

Picking up the pieces of the last attempts at least provided me with a time saving starting point.  Unfortunately, it was only the easy initial Facebook setup that did have documentation readily available on it.  The thing that really makes this confusing in my opinion is that we need to use the Facebook version of whatever programming language you know.  Why Facebook did this I don’t know, but it certainly makes it more complicated.  There are also tons of pages of content to go over to understand how to use the corresponding API and all the built in functions and variables associated with Facebook.  Custom programming one of these is hard too because there aren’t many examples using the Facebook version of Coldfusion since PHP is dominant and not any that will be doing the same thing that we want to do.  There will be a lot of database programming needed to accomplish the desired tasks.

After much work yesterday, I can say that I made some headway in creation and understanding, but it wasn’t without a big share of headache-inducing frustration.  Hopefully, today will shed some new light and provide more progress to the YBML widget’s actual completion without making my jaw clench.