Another Website Saved

Since our graphic designers are the best in the biz, having one of them design or re-design your current website can give you the look you’ve always wanted.  I am currently doing the page build out for a website that has been redesigned.  Since I am using the content from the old site to keep the search engine optimization progress, I have been able to see what the site used to look like.  Frankly, that website has been saved.

The web design that was previously used looks like it was from 10 years ago, and you know a lot has changed technologically in 10 years!  Having a current and sophisticated looking website gives your site credibility right off the bat.  If it looks like an 8-year-old kid could have made it, then people might be wary to trust it.  I know I react this way when when I surf the web myself.  I have come across websites with poor design and use of many fonts of different sizes and colors on a white background and the first thing that comes into my head is that this site looks shady and there is no way I am going to buy anything from here.  I assume it’s some sort of scam site or a sham product.  Keep your credibility and give visitors a first impression of professionalism and trust by just simply updating you website’s design.  It’s that easy.