Assembly Required

I was able to get a bed frame for my girlfriend finally. It was a Christmas present that couldn’t come to fruition until March because of the lack of bed frames at reasonable prices. Furniture store’s claims of “everything must go” and “great deals” are a bunch of hot air. So we looked to the used arena from real people instead of stores.

When we finally found a winner off of Craigslist, a used Ikea frame with slats and mattress, we went down and picked it up. Since the frame was used, it was not packaged, dissembled, and no longer had the instructions, but that was no big deal. We stuffed it all into the car and went to her place to finally get her off the ground. One of the legs had the attaching screw loose inside of it, which took some tinkering to become usable again. Everything else seemed to be in order and accounted for.

I plotted out where the screws would be used and began construction. After finishing the main frame and putting all the metal corner pieces on, I now had to screw in the legs. As I screwed them in I noticed that they didn’t screw all the way down and were just wobbly. That’s not right. I tested screwing it into the opposite side and it stayed tight. So then I unscrewed and flipped over all the corner pieces to accommodate this discovery. I had originally put the corner pieces on the other way because, without instructions, I was basing my decision on the wear pattern. I could clearly see the ring from the legs worn into the corner piece on the one side. Now it made sense why that one leg screw was broken, the previous owners had put the bed together wrong and the leg wiggling turned into a leg screw snapping. I would have thought that having directions or just noticing that the legs are wiggly would have prevented this from happening, but obviously not. Well now the bed is together and solid and all for a great price. I have 4 screws left, but couldn’t find anymore holes, which is interesting. They can’t be that important I suppose.

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