At Your Pace

We recently got feedback on a project that has been in limbo for several month, as we were ,waiting for this feedback. Once it was received though, we were able to finish the product on the following day. Don’t worry about DDA staff meeting our deadlines, we are more worried about getting timely client approval at project milestones and to finalize the project at the end. We have experience in meeting tight deadlines for the majority of our projects so we know how to handle our workload. Plus, our project managers review progress and workloads every morning to assure everyone has something to do and that all projects will get done.

So whether you need a print ad design to be done by the end of the week, a web animation done in a month, or a website with advanced programming done by the end of the year, we will be budgeting our time appropriately to meet your deadline. If we don’t think we will be able to meet a deadline that you present, we will let you know that so that your time and money isn’t wasted. Just be ready for plenty of communication from us. We are not afraid to ask questions. If you do have a tight deadline, please just help everyone and be ready to give timely feedback.