ATM Fees!

At my recent stint in New York for a wedding, I found myself at the end of the night ready to drive home, but not having enough money for the tolls that I incurred on the way up. That, plus I went through New Jersey and we all know they don’t charge you to enter New Jersey from Philadelphia, but they certainly charge you to get back in.  So I was expecting to need even more money. I followed my GPS instructions to various vague “shopping center” locations so that I could buy something cheap and ask for cash back, but being as it was after midnight none of the places I went to had anything open. I was growing tired and knew there was a long trip ahead so I went for the nearest bank next to get it over with. Of course it didn’t end up being my bank, so I was inevitably charged an ATM fee. This one happened to be $3! I’ve never actually been charged an ATM fee before and it really annoyed me. The more annoying thing ended up being that a few days later, my own bank threw in their own $2 fee. Ugh! Being charged to get my own money is horrible. I feel violated and that’s five dollars that seemingly went to waste and I’ll never get them back. I guess convenience can cost you.

This is a time where for once I was wondering if a smart phone could have saved me. Maybe there would have been an app of some sort for my bank that would have helped me find the nearest branch. At least I may have been able to use the
Internet to look up a branch address to enter into the GPS. Would the cost of the phone be worth it for the $5 I wasted? Well no, not at this point seeing as a smart phone’s yearly cost is a couple thousand dollars, but maybe as more and more incidences like this occur and I find other ways that a smart phone may save me more time or money, I would at least consider it. I’m pretty frugal though so the odds are still against it.

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