Back that Thang Up

Everyone knows that unfortunate events can happen. Computers can mysteriously fry one day while they were seemingly fine the day before. Someone may lose a disc you just sent them and would need another. Websites can go down and people can accidentally delete important files. DDA knows this and that is why we take every precaution to archive and save work in numerous places if any disaster may occur.

The first line of defense is an external hard drive that can backup your files daily on its own. This makes sure that any current work in video, Flash, programming, 3D animation, etc. that may not have been archived or saved in another way, is already being kept in two spots. Website files are also uploaded to the server so that there are copies if they are ever needed. Once projects are finished they also get archived on CD or DVD and stored on site. We keep everything. We have all the files we’ve made, dating back to the beginning of DDA itself, just in case a client would ever need another copy or an update on the old item.

Recently, Thursday was deemed “archive day.” This is to promote the archiving of your projects every week.

Keeping the hard work we do safe is a priority at DDA. Our clients can rest easy knowing that the work they are paying for is safe and sound from the moment we start on it until the end of time.