The bank that I usually go to that was about 30 seconds down the street from work has now closed. They have been alerting customers that they would be moving to a new location for a couple months now, but it has now officially happened. I’ve yet to visit the new branch, but I definitely plan to. It’s farther away now, like and extra mile and a half out of my way. I also pass other branches on my way home that I could go to. The bank managers did a clever thing by giving all current customers a $10 gift card to the Wawa next to their new branch.  It’s a good strategy. It will familiarize everyone with the new location to hopefully sway them from heading to another bank. I don’t think many people would pass up on a free $10 for something so easy to do. You can see all the familiar tellers at the new setting and feel welcome again. I plan on going, getting my gift card, and depositing my paycheck. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I figure that I will be going back there every week during lunch to deposit my checks and see all the old familiar faces. As an added bonus I believe they said they have a coin counter that is free for customers. I have a little change stash that I could use that for too.

DDA isn’t moving anywhere soon, but we did relocate about 2 or 3 years ago to a bigger building. We were getting pretty cramped in the old building and needed more space to create a full video studio. That’s right, we have our own in-house video studio now. You could say we had one in the other building, but it was very small and limited and there were several workers sitting feet behind the camera that had to be dead quiet when filming was in progress. It was quite a production when filming was in progress. We all unplugged our phones and the door was closed so that we couldn’t communicate with anyone else, and if you left it was really hard to know when it was OK to open the door and walk in again. There was also no shifting in your chair or loud typing, so work became slow and deliberate for us bystanders.

Now we have plenty of space for actors and workers to do their thing. There is even a light outside the door to let people know if filming is in progress so they don’t walk in and interrupt anything. Along with the studio upgrade we have since upgraded a lot of our equipment. Everything is HD now and we can make Blu-ray videos if need be. There was also an upgrade in our video editors computer and software to allow more cool things to happen in less time. It’s an ever-growing area that stays on the cutting edge of technology so that we know we are producing the best video possible in any format. We can make it for display as web video, streaming video, or burn them on DVD or Blu-ray for playback anywhere you want. Take a look at our video portfolio to get a sense of what kinds of videos we could make for you. With video anything is possible though, so feel free to give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.