After wondering for a week or so why the large carpenter bees kept hanging around us when we sat outside and why they were getting in our faces with their buzzing, I noticed a bunch of little pollen piles underneath the bench some of us sat on. So I peaked underneath the bench and confirmed my suspicions. The bees had burrowed into the comfy wooden bench and were living inside of it. Now it made sense why they were up in your face when you sat down. They felt threatened and were guarding their homes. So sitting on that bench is off limits for now. I don’t know when they made their home there, but I don’t remember this being a problem last summer. I’m not sure what to do about it either because I am hesitant to kill them because of the whole disappearing bee problem. I mean they haven’t even stung anyone and they obviously have been doing a great job pollinating all the nice flowers. I guess we’ll just sit on the cement steps instead.

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