Bliss Zone

The time to stop wearing sweatshirts under my coat and thermals under my work clothes may soon be over. With temperatures possibly hitting 50 degrees on Sunday, it is going to feel like Spring whether it officially is or not. 50 degrees is halfway to the bliss zone of 65-70 degrees from our current temperatures in the 30s. In the bliss zone, it’s shorts or pants weather. It’s short or long sleeves weather. It’s optimal outside play or exercise weather. For the seemingly few weeks that the weather is that nice, being outside is a joy. Before you know it though, it will crank up into the hot weather. The hot 90s will show up and you won’t be able to do something as simple as sitting without breaking into a sweat. You will try to wear as little as possible, be attached to a water bottle, stay in air-conditioned buildings, and only exercise when the sun is coming up on the horizon or heading back down at the end of the day. For now though, it’s a “happy to see you go, but don’t let the door hit you on your way out” kind of mentality for the winter.

Here at work we prepare for the warm days the same way we prepare for any other day with one minor difference. The heat would be switched to air-conditioning in the building. Other than that, it is the usual website design, flash animation, video editing, advanced programming, and copywriting for this team.