Box Transformations

We’ve been making a 3D packaging box in Flash with Papervision 3D for a client’s website that assembles right in front of your eyes.  After a couple tries at what this transformation could look like, we may finally have created one that everybody is happy with.  That’s the DDA way.  If someone’s not happy, then the job isn’t done.  We could have just done a transformation and sent it off as finished work to the client with a “its done, it’s what your getting attitude.”  Instead, we make less time consuming, rough examples and let the client choose what they like best.  If they don’t like anything, then we start over again.

That is our mantra for all of the work we do here, no matter what department it comes from or what type of project it is.  Graphic design, videography,  3D animation, digital photography, creative copywriting, logo design, or whatever else we do will all be up to you.  We will just offer you the highest quality work we can and throw in our own creative ideas for you to consider.  In the end, we consider our projects a team effort between us and our clients.

You should expect to be very involved if you take on a project with us.  We ask for feedback very frequently through the course of the process so that we don’t waste time working on things that you don’t even like. This also means that the faster you give us feedback, the faster the project can get done and vice versa.  If you are looking for some quality custom work that aims to please you, look at Dynamic Digital Advertising.