Bringing Lines to Life

For one client website project, we have been making lines come to life using a mixture of Flash animation and Flash programming. We have been making a simple blue line draw in front of your eyes and show a couple embracing, making an innocent pink line turn into a blindfolded woman, and making various other lines of all colors draw into various Kama Sutra type positions. For this project though, they are referred to as “Condomsutra” positions. All of this project content may sound a bit racy for a professional advertising agency, but not when you take the client and their product into account. These line drawings are part of a website for a new line of condoms that feature a unique technology.

The website for this product is shaping up very nicely as I see it come together more and more every day. This may not be a project that falls into people’s laps every day, but DDA handles everything professionally and keeps it all in taste and up to the client’s standards. DDA clients are constantly asked for feedback and approval on our ideas and progress so that we know that everyone is happy when the project is complete. What could be worse than not seeing a project you are paying for until late in the game, and realizing then that you don’t like the way it has turned out. DDA realizes this and makes you part of the process the entire way.