Browser Differences

Web pages showing up differently in different browsers is a nuisance that keeps rearing its head.

Luckily at DDA, we have plenty of Macs and PCs with all of the browsers on them to test the pages before we go live with anything.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari are the big three browsers that we test on. Differences in the interpretation of certain tags and other elements make pages look different and the goal is to have everything look consistent on all computers and browsers.

We also have to remember that even different versions of the same browser can display things differently, and that is taken into account.

I remember once getting an error with the background of the flash piece not becoming transparent, but it was only happening on Firefox from a Mac computer. This was a very specific setup to even see the error and that’s why all combinations of computers and browsers must always be checked. With some brief research, we found that this error was common and discovered the reason why it was happening, which led to a quick fix.

Always remember to check your pages on every setup.