Browser Discrepancies

This morning I just got to fix a cross-browser issue found on Galil Medical’s website. In Internet Explorer the site displayed perfectly fine, but in Firefox all of the main table’s content was shifted over to the left by about 5 pixels and the Flash animation file was being blamed. That didn’t add up to me so I wanted to look at the HTML.  After opening the page in Dreamweaver I noticed that there was a spacer image in the cell to the left of the misaligned content and it was a broken image. Since I had downloaded all the image files before starting, I knew that this spacer image must not have existed. So I quickly perused through the list of images and saw that a spacer image did exist, but it had a different file extension. It was a png instead of a gif. So I changed the file extension, uploaded the page again, and voila! The web design appeared perfect in both browsers!

So what can we learn here for browser discrepancies is that broken images can still take up space in Internet Explorer when you assign them a size, but when Firefox finds a broken image its size qualities are ignored completely. It’s just one of those many cross-browser issues that someone might come across that I’d thought I’d share. Unfortunately, there are many, many more annoying cross-browser issues to deal with in the world of website programming.