Browser Love Affair

Usually if you ask me what my browser of preference is, I would say Firefox without a pause, but as of yesterday, Firefox and I are having a bit of a quibble.

You see, I’ve been working on the new super awesome Meet DDA page with all sorts of crazy cool flash and video elements. It was made so that when you roll over the person’s picture, the larger picture pops up and if you click the video button on the person’s picture, a little intro video fades in and starts to play in the little picture area.

Once that little video finishes, a larger video appears in the pop-up window and plays there. My new best friend, Internet Explorer, agrees that this is an amazing mixture of Flash and Javascript, but my ex-best friend, Firefox, has decided to rebel and not work correctly. Firefox wants to make the pop-up disappear for no reason. More frustrating is that Firefox decides that it would be funny if the little video fades in and then freezes at the exact same spot every time. Ha ha. Funny joke.

Firefox, if you are reading this, I’m not very amused and I don’t understand why you are doing this to me. Internet Explorer understands how it should work and displays it almost perfectly at this stage, and let’s be honest… Internet Explorer is a little slow. I did upgrade to Firefox 3 and maybe this was a problem. Should I have waited a bit until all the undiscovered bugs were ironed out? I couldn’t. Not when it came out armed with a shiny new package of features and a goal of setting a world record for number of times downloaded in one day.

Would trusty Firefox 2 have shown the Flash how I wanted it to? I don’t know, but I do know that at next Saturday’s picnic I will be lovingly spoon feeding some of my delicious chocolate pudding to Internet Explorer, not Firefox.

That jerk can get it’s pudding elsewhere.