Buildout Lessons Learned

I’ve been doing the page build-out for the new corporate and medical training (CMT) website here at DDA. While most of the page build-out consists of copying and pasting the content, there are also other things that I have learned in the process about building search engine optimized websites.

One new thing I have learned, is that the name of your pages helps with search engine optimization. Descriptive and even longer page names can help. So instead of naming a page with simple one word file names, like about.html or furniture.html, try instead using about-web-design.html, or quality-cheap-furniture.html.

Another new thing I learned, is that embedding a lot of links into your content to your other pages and varying the link text can also help with SEO. For example, in this new site we have links to a contact us page in numerous sections of content. These links may all link to the same page, but the text we use changes most times. One time it may be “contact us” while the next time it may say “contact DDA CMT” or “contact corporate medical training.”

That’s all of the new things I’ve learned this time, but I know there’s something else new to learn everyday. SEO is an area that is getting more and more competitive as more websites and business competitors get their own websites.

So every area that you can get an edge in, can help.