Client review is one of the most important parts of the process. This has proved itself once again since I recently made a flash animation that demonstrates a procedure of a patient using X-Rays and needles and machines that are unfamiliar to me. There were many shots of the equipment and mid-procedure shots, but nothing that could depict the whole process visually in a step-by-step manner. With only a script and no storyboard to work off of, there was a lot to be left up to interpretation on my end. So after finishing the first animation draft, the client watched, reviewed, and gave feedback. I waited anxiously as a summary email of the meeting was typed up to find out what was done correctly and what would need to be changed, added, or removed. Another project actually butted in and I didn’t find out until the next day what needed to be changed, but it wasn’t too much.

One item clearly was taken literally when it wasn’t really what it was called. This item was a “bulls-eye” on the computer screen. I made it look like an actual red and white bulls-eye circle, when in reality this “bulls-eye” was just a simple green dot. Do you see where the confusion came from? Other things were mostly adding actions, whether it was in addition to what was there or just to add some sort of movement during a long span of narration.

Without client review, many of these items would have gone unnoticed as mistakes and could have ended up in the final product. That’s why it is an integral part of every project’s process and why we get client approvals so frequently through every step of a project. No matter what your project is we will make sure it is exactly what you want and need, even if that means just asking you directly. Sounds easy enough, so why not?